Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick post...


I just wanted to pop in real quick and let everyone know that the rhinestones arrived! Yay! I will work on getting them packed up and on their way this weekend.

Just as an FYI, my mom had surgery today to repair a hiatal hernia. It went well! But she is supposed to be released tomorrow and I am the one who is picking her up and making sure she's ok and all that good stuff. I don't foresee any reason the rhinestones should be delayed in getting out, but wanted to let you know :)

Have a great weekend!


Catherine said...

Hope your mom isn't too uncomfortable and recovers quickly!

~Michelle~ said...

Hope your mom is doing well...and all is well with you!

Nancy B. aka Jean said...

Hope your mom is doing ok. I'll keep her in my prayers.

I feel so bad that I haven't stop by your blog in what feels like years.

But I thought I would today. I'm glad I did.

Please take care.