Thursday, November 29, 2007

Craft Show Display

Here's a quick pic of my display at the craft show I'm in this week. As you can see my focal point this year is the tree with ornaments my mom and I made. They are glass ball ornaments with paper toppers. Hopefully I will get more details posted about those soon.
For this show I have a number of different items for sale:
lunch tins (both cardholders and recipe tins)
kid's color-a-card kits
snowman boxes
decorated teacups
paint cans (filled with spa items)
The snowman boxes and teacups were made by my mother. She is such a crafty and talented lady! I absolutely love her! I'm so glad that I inherited her knack for craftiness...and love of it too! We have a blast when we're together...we also have our moments of frustration with each other (me probably more than her *wink*). But we love each other and are very close.
I'll try and get a list of my prices and all that good stuff up soon. It's amazing how you realize how precious your time is once you have a child. Suddenly I don't have nearly as much time to surf the web as I once did. Maybe it's more that I prioritize better now than before. I know that someone will be needing my attention and don't want to waste what time I do have, especially when I have things to get done! Hmm...anyway, enough of my rambling and musing to you all.

Just a quick post...

Its been pretty busy around here recently. In addition to adjusting to little Arabella...we've been getting ready for a craft show that I am in this week. The show goes from Wednesday to Saturday. I'm going to stop by the show this afternoon to check my inventory and see how I'm doing so far. Wish me the best for good sales!!!

I'm hoping to post some pics of my craft show display in a few days. I have some that were taken from setup to show.

Well, I really need to hop in the shower while little Arabella is being watched by her dad. Hope you all have a great day!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

She's here!!!

Arabella has arrived! She was born November 2 at 4:23pm! We absolutely love our little cutie! She is precious and so adorable! Labor and delivery was a very surreal experience. We went into the hospital Thursday night. I had been having contractions pretty steadily and we called the on-call doctor (who happened to be my doctor...what a blessing!) and she wanted us to come in. know how that goes, we get to the hospital and my contractions slow down. So we were given the option of either walking around the hospital for an hour or they would send us home and give me something to be more comfortable. We chose to walk. After the hour they put me back on the monitor and checked me again. It was at this time that Arabella's heart rate dropped for a 3 minute period for no reason. I was laying in the bed doing nothing! Well, this was enough that my doctor wanted to admit us and induce labor. We really didn't expect this and thought we were going home. Not so!

After almost 20 hours of labor we were ready to start pushing. Well, Arabella had other ideas. Her heart rate dropped 2 times out of the 3 that I pushed. Both times we had a flood of nurses running into the room to offer additional assistance to our labor nurses. The care was amazing and exceptional! I cannot say enough about them! After the third push and heart rate decelleration, the nurses were prepping me to go into the OR. They wanted me in there just in case. At that point I knew we were going to have a C-section. Within about 10 minutes or so I was in the OR and being prepped for surgery. Another 10 minutes later and Arabella was born! She was beautiful and came out with a nice, big cry for everyone!!!
We are so blessed to have her here with us. We've been spending the last couple weeks getting adjusted to our new little one and adjusting to little sleep.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!