Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Handy...

So I'm out browsing around and want to check out the new Marvy Snowflake punches I've been hearing about over on Nichole's blog for PTI. I decide to meander on over to the Marvy website and I find this cool, neato guide!

Check this out...it's a guide to the popular Marvy punches showing how they layer together. This is such a neat and handy thing to have around. You can check it out for you self {here}.

Now, I don't have all of these punches...not even close! But I love the visual it gives. Really helpful when working on our projects to see how they look layered together and then it is SO easy to tell what punch is what by the color coding. Did you notice that? *I know you all did!* They've color coded the guide to match the color of each punch size.

I was just so excited I had to share this find with you all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blog Candy sighting!!!

Hey everyone!

I scoped an awesome blog candy over at Lim's blog ~here~. Go check it out :)