Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick post...


I just wanted to pop in real quick and let everyone know that the rhinestones arrived! Yay! I will work on getting them packed up and on their way this weekend.

Just as an FYI, my mom had surgery today to repair a hiatal hernia. It went well! But she is supposed to be released tomorrow and I am the one who is picking her up and making sure she's ok and all that good stuff. I don't foresee any reason the rhinestones should be delayed in getting out, but wanted to let you know :)

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Happy Blogaversary toooooo Meee-eeee-eeee!!!

Wow...I've been blogging for two years already! I can hardly believe it. I know, I haven't been the best of bloggers and by no means the most consistent. As I'm sure many of you can relate...I have the best of intentions and lots of ideas I want to share...I just don't seem to get that all translated into a blog post :)

I have hopes of being more consistent this year. I really want to share some recipes with you all. I already have some pictures on my computer of some things I've made. Can you say Caramel Apple Pie?!?! YUM! It is truly the one of the best I've it! Hope you don't mind if I throw in some recipes from time to time.

I want to do something fun for my blogaversary...maybe some blog candy! I have to think about it and fiugre it out. Which I'll plan to do during my nice hot soak in the bath this evening. Ahhhh! R-E-L-A-X!

Thanks to everyone who peeks in here and especially to all of you who leave comments. They really do add a bright spot to my days. I enjoy the love that you all leave with your comments! Thank you!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shopping Organizer

Happy Thursday!
I have a fun little project to share today. But first a little bit of background...I know, I just want to see and hear about the good stuff! LOL.

I was at a MOPS meeting a month or so ago and our topic was about saving money, smart shopping and coupon clipping. That type of stuff. We had a gal come and share her secrets to shopping with coupons, getting deals, etc. Well, the gals at my table got to talking about this and one shared a little shopping organizer she'd picked up at the local office supply store. It had pockets for reciepts and coupons. But it wasn't CUTE. You know it lacked some personality!

Anyway, we got to talking and I was looking at it and thought "Hey! I can make one of those!" *Lightbulb Moment* And I've got everything I need to make it too! Bonus! LOL. So we got to talking about it at our table and one of my friends said she'd get one from me if I made it. So here it it! Gina, if you're reading this, I'm sorry this is so late.

She likes brown and green, so I chose the papers with that in mind. I had a lot of fun putting this together. A little measuring here and there and wha-laa!

The most tedious part was putting the whole thing together with my Bind-it-All. I had to pull out my instruction booklet and make sure I had everything in the right order. Punching the holes threw me for a loop. I need to work on that some more and figure out some tips and tricks. I know there has to be a better way than what I was doing. Especially considering I was going with the good ole' "eyeball it" trick.

If anyone has any tips for the Bind-it-All....please share!

Monday, January 12, 2009

His Holy Name {1}

This post is leaving me torn. I am super excited to share it with you, but I can't stand the photo I took! This picture does NOTHING to show how cute this project really is. *sigh* It is so bright and cheery in life and this photo makes it look blah and dismal.

To begin with, I've decided to play along in Patter's bi-weekly challenge this year. She is hosting a challenge study of God's attributes. I am SO excited to join in and play. I am hoping to play all year long and end the year with a scrapbook full of goodness :)

The first weeks challenge was the word Holy. You can see the details of it right {here}. There is also a grea post {here} with links to the introduction and each weeks word.

I really enjoyed finding the verses that were meaningful to me. I actually had three verses that I wanted to use, but there just wasn't room for the third one on the page I was making. I'm sure I could have squuezed it in and made it work, but I had already glued down some of the pieces. LOL.

Here are the verses that I chose:
Exodus 3:5
Psalm 77:12-14
Revelation 3:6-8

About the photograph. Argh! I think it stinks. I took the picture late at night, which is half the problem I'm sure. And the lighting in my craft room is not the greatest. You would never guess from the picture, but I used the brand new PTI Raspberry Fizz on this! The base page is Raspberry Fizz, which I love. It is such a bright and vibrant color...nothing at all like it shows in the picture.

And the rhinestones I used....they hardly show! I put rhinestones around the circle, which has the definition of holy. And there are also some rhinestones on the brackets that endcap the word holy as well as the brackets on the bottom of the page.

I need to work on my photography skills. I think I have a big lighting problem and need to find a work-around. Maybe I should try taking photos in my hallway, we have a bright florescent light out there.

If you have any tips, I'm open. I'd be happy to hear them!

On their way...

The rhinestones, pearls and hearts have been ordered! Yay!

I was told by the rep. that they should go out from there either tomorrow or Wednesday. As always, once I get them I will work on packing them up and sending them on to everyone that ordered as quickly as possible.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this share!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rhinestone Share

Time for more rhinestones and pearls! I’ve picked colors that will work well for this time of year and will be useful for all of your projects, whether it be winter, Valentine’s or spring.

I use these rhinestones all the time on my projects and find them very easy to use. They work so well on your cards, scrapbook pages, altered items and more. These rhinestones and pearls are acid and lignin free so, no worries about using them in your scrapbooks or with your photos.

I’m offering a new and fun item this time as well…hearts! They are very cute. Take a peak below at the picture and information on them.

The details of each specific share are listed below the picture of each rhinestone style. I’ve included pictures to show the colors included in each share, NOT THE QUANTITY. Please read the details of each share for quantity information.

The pictures shown do not show the full sparkle and shine of these rhinestones. It is difficult to get a picture that captures these as you see them in real life. :)

In the interest of the holidays and business at this time of year, I will keep this share open until January 8th.

Rhinestone Share

$25.00 + S/H

This share includes 11 different rhinestone colors. For each color listed below, you will receive 120 rhinestones with adhesive backing. The rhinestones are 3mm in size, a great size for all our card making and paper crafting needs!

Colors included:

  • Clear
  • Light Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Red
  • Lavender
  • Purple
  • Light Green
  • Olive
  • Light Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Black

Pearl Share
$18.00 +S/H

This share includes 8 different colors of pearl adhesive backed stones. For each color listed below, you will receive 120 pearls with adhesive backing. The pearls are 3mm in size, a great size for using with our cards and paper crafted items.

Colors included are:

  • Pearl
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Hot Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Mint
  • Black

Heart Share
$8.00 +S/H

This share includes both silver and gold hearts. The picture above shows only the gold hearts. These are adhesive backed. These hearts are 10mm in size.

32 silver hearts
32 gold hearts


Both the rhinestones and pearl 'bling' are adhesive backed. Upon receiving them, you will notice there is an adhesive strip that attaches one line of rhinestones/pearls together. This is common in most adhesive rhinestones/bling. There are two ways you can easily separate them. One is to use scissors and cut between each rhinestone as you use them. The second is to use an exacto knife to cut the adhesive strip between each rhinestone. The exacto knife is also very handy to pick up the rhinestone with and attach it to your project. This is the method I use and I find it works very well. Hope this helps!

US shipping: flat $4.80 for Priority mail, regardless of the number of shares ordering. Insurance is optional and included at buyer's cost. Please let me know if you would like insurance.

Canadian & International shipping: please contact me for shipping quote. I am more than happy to work with international buyers.

I accept Paypal (preferred) and personal check. Paypal is fast and it's free to use! Personal checks must clear bank before items are sent. I will be ordering the product once the share closes. I reserve the right to make substitutions in the event of backorder or other situation.

I will keep you updated here on my blog and/or email. :) Shipping time may vary depending on the manufacturer's shipping schedule. It takes about a week for shipping from the manufacturer to my door, provided they are shipping on schedule. Once product reaches me, I will do my best to send them on to you in a timely fashion. Thank you for participating!

If you're ready, please send me an email to so that I may get your name on the share list. In your email please include the share(s) you would like, name, address and email. Please do not send payment until I have responded to your email.

Feel free to link to this on your own blog if you wish!