Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bling Share - FULL

Here it is! The bling share you've been waiting for :)

*The pink rhinestones shown in this picture are 3mm in size. The clear ones are smaller in size and shown just as an example. This pink color is not included in this share, but will be in the 2nd color share.

Below you'll find details for two different shares of bling, one rhinestone and the other pearl. These rhinestones and pearls are so much fun!!! The colors that I have seen so far are really nice and lots of fun! They are available in a number of different colors and are acid and lignin free. So no worries about using them in your scrapbooks or with your photos.

There is room for 10 participants in each share. Don't worry if you don't make it in one this time, I'm planning on hosting more if all goes well.

Rhinestone Share
$18.00 + S/H

This share includes 9 different rhinestone colors. For each color listed below, you will receive 120 rhinestones with adhesive backing. That's 1080 rhinestones in all! The rhinestones are 3mm in size, a great size for all our card making and papercrafting needs!

These are the colors included:
Lt Pink
Lt Blue
Lt Green

I have not yet had the chance to view all of the colors in person, but the ones I have are so pretty! This is only half of the colors available. I'm planning on offering a share for the other half of the colors in the next month or so, so plan accordingly!

Rhinestone Share Participants:
1. Chrissy - nursechrissy - Paid
2. Stephanie - racechair - Paid
3. Laurie L. - laurlynn - Paid
4. Kris A. - Stamping in Kansas - Paid
5. Ellen - 1oftheLuvs - Paid
6. Lorie A. - Paid
7. Jen - JenMarie - Paid
8. Diane - Glamour - Paid
9. Catherine - Paid
10. Lori A. - papercrafter - Paid

Pearl Share
$11.25 +S/H

This share includes 5 different colors of pearl bling. For each color listed below, you will receive 120 pearls with adhesive backing. That's 600 pearls in all!!! Wow! The pearls are 3mm in size, a great size for using with our cards and papercrafted items.

The colors included are:

Lt Pink
Lt Blue

The colors listed above represent half of the colors available in pearl. I am planning on offering the other half of the colors in the near future, so keep an eye out for it! I intentionally chose these colors for this share as they are lighter in color and well suited for use this time of year. It's Spring after all! Like the rhinestones, I have not had the chance to see these all in person but am sure they are all great!

Pearl Share Participants:
1. Chrissy - nursechrissy - Paid
2. Stephanie - racechair - Paid
3. Laurie L. - laurlynn - Paid
4. Kris A. - Stamping in Kansas - Paid
5. Ellen - 1oftheLuvs - Paid
6. Janette - Blessingsx3 - Paid
7. Diane - Glamour - Paid
8. Catherine - Paid
9. Lori T. - Paid
10. Shirley P.


Both the rhinestones and pearl 'bling' are adhesive. Upon receiving them, you will notice there is an adhesive strip that attaches one line of rhinestones/pearls together. This is common in most adhesive rhinestones/bling. There are two ways you can easily separate them. One is to use scissors and cut between each rhinstone as you use them. The second is to use an exacto knife to cut the adhesive strip between each rhinestone. The exacto knife is also very handy to pick up the rhinestone with and attach it to your project. Hope this helps!

US shipping is $4.60 for Priority mail, this is the shipping amount for one share or both. Insurance is optional and included at buyer's cost. Please let me know if you would like insurance.

Canadian & International shipping: please contact me for shipping quote.

I accept Paypal (prefered) and personal check. Paypal is fast and it's free to use! Personal checks must clear bank before items are sent. I will be ordering the product once payment is received from share participants. I reserve the right to make substitutions in the event of backorder or other situation.

I will keep you updated here on my blog. :) Shipping time may vary depending on the manufacturer's shipping schedule. Once product reaches me, I will do my best to send them on to you in a timely fashion. Thank you for participating!

If you're ready, please send me an email to so that I may get your name on the share list. Please do not send payment until I have responded to your email.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Green Thumb...

I absolutely love my Papertreyink sets! I've got Green Thumb, which you see here, Out On a Limb, Piece of Cake and Holiday Treats. There are a few more (who am I kidding? I would take them all if I could afford it!) that I'd like to get. I just have the hardest time deciding! I'm debating between Beautiful Blooms, Everyday Blessings, Butterfly Kisses and It's a Celebration. I think the Beautiful Blooms is very versatile as well as Butterfly Kisses. I just can't decide!!!
There are also a number of stamps I'd like to get from some other companies...Lizzie Anne Designs, SU!, etc... And then there's the Nesties...I really want to get another set of those. I just got the rectangles and am thinking about the circles now. I love that U Cut at Home offers a 40% off coupon each month! It makes these guys really affordable. Oh, decisions, decisions. See? I get so caught up in deciding what I get, that I can't make up my mind and end up not getting anything (well, at least for the moment, then when my mind is made out!)
So, you'd probably like to hear a little about the card LOL!
I played along in the Color Challenge yesterday, CC163. I love these colors...Pretty in Pink, Certainly Celery and Chocolate Chip. YUM! My favorite colors! I had to pull out Green Thumb and give it some love. It has been sorely neglected since it came home to me. It along with a number of other sets. I know, I know, I've got to put some ink to these awesome stamps! That's what's got me to thinking...I really shouldn't get any more rubbah until I've put what I've got to use, at least once or twice! I better get going then, cuz I want to get some new rubbah!
Hope you are having a terrific week!
On a completely different note, we are spending this Saturday redoing the floor in our basement. The awesome part about this is that some of the guys from Jeff's baseball team are coming over to help! We've got to move furniture out, tear up the old carpet and then put in the new wood floor. I am SO thankful that these guys are coming over to help. They've been given good incentive though...they're having a poker party that night. And I'm cooking...chili!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's been quite a week...

Let me tell you...well, you probably don't want to hear...but I'm going to tell you anyway! *wink*

I got the crud last week. Ugh! I either had the flu or some sort of food poisoning. I think it was the flu though. Not a fun few days for the tummy, let me tell you! And then while I'm feeling icky my computer decides to get a 'tude and stop working. Well, it didn't totally die, but it was fooling me. It seems that my power connection to my hard drive is a little loose. Well, when it gets just a little too loose my computer doesn't register that I have a hard drive...not good! Freaked me out the first time it happened. Jeff fixed it that time and came to my rescue this time too! I was feeling a little sheepish this last time. It'd been "broken" for a couple days and he hadn't had time to look at it yet. Well, when he got to it...he literally gave a couple shakes, kicked it, and it was working fine. Go figure! It's kinda funny when I look back on it...

So, I'm sick, computer's not working, just as I'm starting to feel better...I get a migraine. I haven't had one in over a year. Not fun! It wiped me out for another day or so. I so detest migraines!

Well, there are many cards that I would love to share, but I haven't taken pictures of them yet! Shame on me LOL!

I'm also on the hunt for some stamping inspiration...have any to share with me??? :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ribbon Storage For Sale *sold*

This is the popular ribbon storage option made by Cropper Hopper. I have two of the desktop craft organizers that hold the ribbon cards perfectly. These desktop organizers are 5x7 in size, so they would also hold a number of other embellishments as well as ribbon.

Included are two packs of ribbon clips. I had opened one of the packs, but all of the clips are there.

There are 30 ribbon cards to hold your ribbon nicely in the organizer.

Inside view of the desktop organizer.

For all the ribbon storage items: $22.00 *sold*
This includes:
2 - Desktop Organizers
2 - packs of Ribbon Clips
30 - Ribbon Cards
All items are made by Cropper Hopper. Postage is not included in price. Paypal accepted.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For Sale

Round Cans
$1.95 each

These are perfect for using to hold that special gift or treat! The diameter is approxinately 4.5" across, with a height of just over 2.75".

I have 40 of these great tins...get your's while I still have some!

Assorted Markers

$26.00 for all

Twelve markers in this assortment. Two Marvy markers and 10 Zig markers. The detail of these markers are as follows:

Marvy LePlume II - Burnt Umber
Marvy Brush Marker - Rosewood
Zig Scroll & Brush - Navy
Zig Fine & Chisel - Blue Jay
Zig Scroll & Brush - Baby Blue
Zig Scroll & Brush - Bluebonnet
Zig Calligraphy - Pure Violet
Zig Calligraphy - Lavendar
Zig Scroll & Brush - Orchid
Zig Writer - Fuchsia
Zig Scroll & Brush - Ocean
Zig Writer - Summer Sun

Stampin Up! Marigold Morning Inkpad


This is next to brand new. I ordered it and only used it a couple times. I'd love to send it on to a loving home where it can spend it's days inkin' up lots of rubbah!

Stampin Up! Basic Black Inkpad & Reinker


I've given this inkpad some gentle loving, who doesn't use their black ink all the time? I have so many black inkpads right now that something has to leave the nest! I just recently got a Basic Black reinker for this pad, so it's coming along as well. I've reinked this pad just once, so you are basically getting a brand new reinker!

If you are interested, please email me. I accept Paypal. I prefer to send by USPS Priority Mail, using the Flat Rate envelopes and boxes when possible (these envelopes and boxes are free). A Flat Rate envelope is $4.60 and usually holds one stamp set, a Flat Rate box is $8.95 (prices listed are for the U.S.). Your stamps will be sent out once payment is received. If you are outside the U.S. postage will be computed individually.