Monday, January 12, 2009

His Holy Name {1}

This post is leaving me torn. I am super excited to share it with you, but I can't stand the photo I took! This picture does NOTHING to show how cute this project really is. *sigh* It is so bright and cheery in life and this photo makes it look blah and dismal.

To begin with, I've decided to play along in Patter's bi-weekly challenge this year. She is hosting a challenge study of God's attributes. I am SO excited to join in and play. I am hoping to play all year long and end the year with a scrapbook full of goodness :)

The first weeks challenge was the word Holy. You can see the details of it right {here}. There is also a grea post {here} with links to the introduction and each weeks word.

I really enjoyed finding the verses that were meaningful to me. I actually had three verses that I wanted to use, but there just wasn't room for the third one on the page I was making. I'm sure I could have squuezed it in and made it work, but I had already glued down some of the pieces. LOL.

Here are the verses that I chose:
Exodus 3:5
Psalm 77:12-14
Revelation 3:6-8

About the photograph. Argh! I think it stinks. I took the picture late at night, which is half the problem I'm sure. And the lighting in my craft room is not the greatest. You would never guess from the picture, but I used the brand new PTI Raspberry Fizz on this! The base page is Raspberry Fizz, which I love. It is such a bright and vibrant color...nothing at all like it shows in the picture.

And the rhinestones I used....they hardly show! I put rhinestones around the circle, which has the definition of holy. And there are also some rhinestones on the brackets that endcap the word holy as well as the brackets on the bottom of the page.

I need to work on my photography skills. I think I have a big lighting problem and need to find a work-around. Maybe I should try taking photos in my hallway, we have a bright florescent light out there.

If you have any tips, I'm open. I'd be happy to hear them!


Anonymous said...

Cheap halogen work lights that can be found at any home improvement store provide as much light as you could ever want for very little $$$ (and you can direct them where you need light to create highlights and shadows as appropriate)

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

Pinks and blues are hard to photograph well, Alana! I think it's beautiful and I love the idea behind this!

Hugs to you,

Catherine said...

I love the idea of this project, and you did a beautiful job!

Curlyqfun said...

Hey where does she talk about this on her blog? I want to read more about this little fun project.
You did a great job!

Lori said...

I think this is AWESOME!! Sometime I forget to still and listen to Him but this type of page really helps narrow the focus in a unique way. Thank you so much for sharing it!! I'm going to check out the challenge.

Lynda said...

I have that problem too, my cards never come up that well in the photos. I am sure some girls have little photographic studios set up in the corner of their craft rooms LOL

Your project is cheery and lovely I can see that!