Thursday, May 17, 2007

Roses in Winter wins!!!

I decided on Roses in Winter...and finally am posting here to let you know! I feel I'm going to be happy with this one. This is a set I've been eyeing for almost forever, but its one of those that never seem to made it to my order list! Go figure! *smiles* Can I tell you a little secret though?...I still haven't mounted it yet!!! *gasp*
I really haven't been doing much stamping at all the last week or so. Instead I've been trying to work on organizing and purging my craft room of items I just don't use anymore. It's not the easiest task in the world, plus it doesn't help that I'm not the greatest at overcoming that initial "clutter" hump. Once I get past that and can visualize how I want to organize things I do pretty well. Right now I have individual cards in about 5 different places...not working so well for me! My goal is to find the things I don't want anymore and then list it on the Buy-Sell-Trade forum over at splitcoast stampers.
Well, I better finish this up...I really need to get to the pet store. My little dogs are going to run out of food!!!