Thursday, July 26, 2007

My thoughts on...

OK...I've heard all the talk that was going on over at SCS about Stampin' Up's white cardstock. I took note, but really didn't pay it much mind. There was a lot of talk about the latest white cardstock not being the same as in the past. Specifically, the paper was reported to not "take" certain inks very well, as well as the whole feel and look of the cardstock not being the same. Basically, the quality of it had gone down. Well...I think I'm starting to agree! I'm sitting in my craft room working on some favors for my best friend's bridal shower...and what do you know? The red ink I used did not stamp clearly and it took a while to dry! BTW, I'm using SU's Classic Real Red ink and Classic Sage Shadow. The difference is huge in my opinion! The Sage stamped on nice and even, along with drying quickly. No such luck for the red! Take a look at the pics and see what you think. Have you had similar problems? I'd be interested to know if you have and also what ink you noticed it with.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ice Cream!

I love ice cream!!! YUM! I have been having some serious ice cream cravings couldn't have anything to do with this pregnancy *wink*.

I made this card for my secret sister. This will go in with the final reveal package I'm going to be sending out this week. So, if you get this card in the'll know who I am!

The card was made using Amuse images. I am SO loving their designs and artwork! WOW!!! I've become a big fan of theirs. I used the ice cream cone and the "to a sweet friend" sentiment. Their sentiments rock! Let me tell you, I think I'd have them all if I could. I stamped them onto the pink dotted Amuse pre-folded card using Palette Noir ink. Then I colored the ice cream cones in with my Stampin' Up markers....Gable Green, Pixie Pink & Lovely Lilac. Thanks for looking!

ETA: I completely forgot to mention that this card was inspired by AmyR's card here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Video: Rapture Video

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been tagged!!!

I got tagged! Wow! This is my first "tagging"!!!
I'm excited, but now I have to think of 7 things to share about myself!

Sencie and Nancy both tagged me. This has been fun, thanks ladies!

What I need to do:
I’m suppose to list 7 things about myself.
Tag 7 other bloggers and ask them to do the same.
Leave tagged bloggers a comment… letting them know they’ve been tagged.


1. My favorite color is PINK!!!

2. I am incredibly blessed to be able to stay home and take care of our upcoming newborn. She's due October 28th.

3. I collect dolls, as well as sew for them. Both my mom and I sew doll clothes...mostly for Helen Kish's Riley doll and BJDs. This is my other "big" hobby. Sometimes its hard to prioritize them both.

4. I have two little dogs...Atilla my 14 year old Yorkie and Chancy my neurotic Toy Poodle. Atilla is the first dog I've ever had! I love them both so much.

5. I am a Mariner's fan!!! No, I should say a huge fan!!! This one is due to my husband, Jeff. When we got together he transformed me into a's all his fault really!

6. Tropical things are my favorite. Tropical decor, it all!

7. Ice cream is yummy! Bubble Gum, Mint Chocolate Chip, Caramel, Fudge Tracks...some of my favorites to name a few!

And the tags go out to...


Shortcake Stamps


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Stampin with Trisha

You're it! : )

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July!!!

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans!!! Have a safe, fun and memorable day. I hope you are able to spend it with loved ones.


We are planning on doing a little work around the house this morning and then we're heading off to our friends house for a BBQ! Jeff is going to work on the shed. He's almost done...some of the roofing left and the siding!!! Yay! I'm going to make cupcakes!! I have a box of Red Velvet cake mix in the pantry. So those are going to get made up this morning, cooled and then frosted. YUM!!! I'm thinking some white frosting with blue sprinkles or blue frosting with white stars or sprinkles is in order. Jeff is voting for the blue frosting with white is more patriotic that way & actually looks like our flag he says!!! *smiles* Can you imagine some of the funny conversations we have?!?


Happy 4th of July!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Have I posted this yet?

I don't think so, but if I have...forgive me! This is a card I made awhile back. I really liked how it turned out. I joined in on CC65 over at SCS. That tells you how long ago it was *giggle*. This was also one of my first attempts at using a lighter colored craft ink on top of dark cardstock. I used my Stampin' Spots for this, as I only have two craft inks right now! I'm the proud owner of White craft ink and Ballet Blue craft ink. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I kept the Ballet Blue on my starter kit order form long ago...I'm not sure if I've ever used it! I know, I can never have too many colors to choose from. But as my first craft ink from SU!...what was I thinking?!?
This card was also done before I had the Stampamajig. Using Heartfelt Thanks without one is kinda tricky. Each time I use it, I'm bending my head over and trying to line up the images just right. Its a hit and miss sometimes. This one turned out nice though!
Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! I've had a great one. We went to church this morning and heard an amazing message by our youth pastor. I'd never heard him speak before...and he did an awesome job! God was there!!! We've spent the rest of the afternoon doing various house projects. Jeff is out working on completing our shed. It's almost finished! He is at the point of putting the roofing material on and the siding. Then he needs to build a door for it. I'm hosting my best friends bridal shower later this month, so I've been addressing envelopes for that. They are going in the mail tomorrow. I'll have to share that card I made soon. I still need to take a picture of it.
Enjoy this beautiful day! Blessings!