Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shower Gifts

My best friend, Grace, got married the end of August. Congrats to her and her new hubby! I was in her bridal party...that's right, at 7 months pregnant too! The other gal in her bridal party, Sally, made our dresses. She did such an incredible job. I would NOT want to make a dress for a pregnant gal! The dresses turned out great.

I hosted her bridal shower at my house and these are pics of the gift I made for her. Of course there are all kinds of goodies in the paint can! I couldn't just give her an empty one now could I? *wink* I used this turquoise blue and green printed paper to decorate the paint can with since her color was blue...royal blue. I know, it isn't royal blue, but I didn't have any royal blue patterned papers without them looking like the 4th of July! The paper is from a stack I got at Costco a little while ago. It was such a great deal! I paid about $13 for a stack of patterned paper about 2" tall! To finish off the paint can I wrapped ribbon around in three colors: white organdy, green organdy and turquoise satin. Tied onto the ribbon is a plastic wedding ring. I got this from Target some time ago. It's actually meant to be a shot glass, but I thought it would look much cuter as a decoration for altered items. The picture doesn't do it much justice, as you can't see the whole thing.

I filled the paint can with all kinds of pamper yourself items. I had fun shopping for all these goodies. I know I'm going to forget something, but here's an idea of what was in there: Lip Smackers, bubble bath, nail polish, nail file, pedicure foot bath, foot scrub, votive candle, etc. I had it packed with stuff!

The card was fun to make as well. I used the same patterned paper as I did on the paint can. Using patterned paper on cards is FUN! I can see why so many people are big on that trend right now. I takes your cards to a completely different place. the stamp is by American Art Stamps. I think this line of stamps are called Stick Chicks. They are designed by Karen Stolper for American Art Stamps. I colored the image in using Prismacolor pencils. No odorless mineral spirits, just using the pencils and gradating the color to blend together. To finish off the card I added some prismas and then I HAD to add some bling in the middle of each prisma flower. Its hard to see the sparkle of each rhinestone, but the little dot in the middle of each one is the rhinestone!

When I finished with the card I discovered that it was too big to fit in the standard A2 size envelopes! I had grabbed a piece of cardstock that was what I thought to be the proper size...guess not! It was just a little bit too wide to fit into the envelope. So, this card was delivered without an envie!

I need to find a pic of the shower invite I made. I know I took a picture of it...I'm just not sure where it is in my picture files! Hope you have a spectacular day! Tonight DH has a baseball game. His team is in the playoffs, so hoping they do well and have fun! I really enjoy going to his games and supporting his passion for baseball and sports!


Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Simply Sweet....just stumbled on your Blog.So Glad to find another believer.

Lisa B <><

Gina K. said...

What a cute set! Love the colors! I have to try some paint cans this season! Love it!

Sencie said...

Can and Card both super cute!!! I was just looking at your countdown ticker... wow... not much longer!!! :)

Melissa M. M. M. said...

Gorgeous card & pail. Love the stick chick! I see that your stamping is as inspiring as the rest of your blog. Looking forward to getting to know you through the sisterhood2. :0) Mel

jenn* said...

CONGRATS on the new addition! great can and card, i love that little stick chick! she's not as cute as your little one though *wink*