Sunday, February 11, 2007

A mess of ribbon!

This is how my ribbon is currently being stored...I'm not sure if you could call it organized. Well I would call it more of a mess! I had to take a pic of this and post it. I was just in the middle of making a card for my secret sister and I decided that the card needed a little bit of white grosgrain. Now, it should be easy to find. Right? WRONG!!! I have to pull this little box out of where its stored and have numerous ribbons come flying out to say hello! Then just to find the color of ribbon I want, I have to rummage through everything else. Basically, I have ribbon unrolling from the spools, ribbon on the floor, ribbon everywhere!!! *insert frazzled look here*
I'm determined to find a better way to organize my ribbon. This is seriously detracting from my use of ribbon.
I've seen so many good ways to store it...I'm just not sure what would work best for me. Amy R posted her ribbon solution at her blog She uses Closetmaid storage racks found at Home Depot. Another neat idea has been posted by many...the 3x3 Cropper Hopper drawers. I've also seen rain gutters used for ribbon storage. What to choose, what to choose...


Desiree Rose said...

I do not have a photo yet but I can work on it but if you take the box that you are currently using and punch holes in the sides then slip the end of the ribbon through the holes then you will not see the mess! Just an idea!