Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Down to business...

Well at least I'd like to think I can get down to business and accomplish some things today...I guess its really afternoon. I need to get my goodies for my secret Valentine completed and then sent out.

I'm also quite behind on my prepping for the craft show I have coming up the end of March. Its what I call procrastination! Last night though, I actually started on a couple lunchboxes for the show. I have 12 lunchboxes to make up for the show. I've decided that I'm going to paint the tops of them instead of cutting and adhering the patterened paper to it. It just seems to be easier that way.

Hmm...I also need to make a card and send it to my new secret sister. A new round has started and before I know it the month will be over and I won't have sent a card out yet!