Sunday, January 21, 2007

I love craft shows!

I have craft shows on the mind. I just filled out my application for one March 29-31. It's going to be held at Pickering Barn in Issaquah, WA. I checked this one out last fall and it is a super show! If you're in the area stop by. I need to get my tush a-movin though...I have ALOT to complete before this show!
I participated in my first *big* craft show last December. It was a blast! I had such a fun time and met some really great gals that gave me so much super advice about being in the craft show market. I was fortunate enough to get tips on the good shows vs the 'ok' ones. These gals in the crafting business are wonderful!
The picture is of my booth display is from the show I did in December. I had a 3' x 8' spot. I used a 6' table and also had a freestanding display shelf that was on the side of the table. At that show I had decorated lunch tins, paint cans, journals, coasters, snowman soup, snowman poop, magnets, decorated frames and of course cards! I was surprised at what was selling most:
~kid's color me cards
~coasters (the coffee theme ones were big!)
~snowman poop (these sold well on the last day!)
I thought for sure the snowman soup would be a big seller...but alas, no. After thinking about it for awhile...I think it could be because snowman soup is becoming available pretty much everywhere. I noticed it at a number of retail stores during the Christmas season. Its either that or my prices were too high!


Wife2TJ said...

Good luck on your craft show. I hope you do great!

emilymomto3boys said...

Yippee, it let me in this time! I love this display and I can't wait to hear more about what you did, what you sold and more details! Thank you!

Michelle said...

Your display is so eye-catching!