Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cute Chicks!

I was turned on to these super cute chicks by SCS. I have to be honest...I'm not sure who originally found this cute site...but I'm glad they shared! I have a thing for chick things. It all started when my best friend and I read this book, God Chicks by Holly Wagner. Its an incredible book that empowers you to be exactly what God intends. From reading that book we've both developed an interest in "chick" things. I always keep an eye out for fun & cute gizmos that are chick-like. These cute icons are exactly it! So fun...you should try one out!

Bless This Chick...http://www.blessthischick.com/btcmachine/index.php

God Chicks by Holly Wagner...http://www.godchicks.com/