Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A little more about Julie's class...

Let's see...what can I share about Julie's Card Design class without giving away everything she goes over? *hehehe*

This class covers a number of different design topics as they relate to card design. It's not so much "here's a sketch and why it works, so use it" but digging deeper into why you do what you do when making cards. Since taking this class I've been able to put a name to some of the things I've been doing, or realizing that "hey, I was doing that! but didn't realize I was." I can even say that I'm able to see where the topics Julie talks about will reach far further than just my card design. I can use the foundational elements in all of my papercrafting projects, scrapbooking, etc.

This particular class was 5 weeks in length. The nice thing about this class being online is that you are able to view the class whenever your little heart desires. There is no time restriction on when you view each class. And you can sit in front of the computer in your jammies! How many real classrooms can you do that in? LOL.

The class has a discussion forum where we can talk about each weeks lessons, ask questions, post our "homework" and just have a good time. Participation is entirely up to the student. Be as active as you wish. Julie is such an amazing teacher and makes this topic very fun and she also puts a lot of thought into the lessons. I have not been disappointed!

I would definitely take the class again in a heartbeat. I feel that this has helped me to grow as a papercrafter and cardmaker. Thanks Julie!

ETA: Here is a direct link to the description page of Julie's second offering of her Simply Great Card Design class. It looks like the class will start on April 16th, with enrollment open until April 15th.

**I don't feel like I can tell you specifically all the topics we cover each week due to this being a class you pay for. And besides, if I were to list all the topics it would not do any justice to the great information that is presented by Julie.


Tracy said...

Thanks for all of the info Alana. I was so pumped after reading your post I signed up!! Wish me luck. Have a wonderful day.

~Michelle~ said...

Thanks for the comments Alana....I also signed up....I'm looking forward to taking my first stamping class!! WOO HOO!! ;)

Sandy O said...

Hi Alana, I am so glad you shared this site, and wish I had known about it sooner. The class that started on the 24th still has a buy now button. Even though it already started, can I still signe up and catch up?

Savitri said...

Just checking to see what you're up to. Thanks for the info. Sounds like a fun thing. Too bad I don't have a lot of time for these types of things. I'd love to take something like this one day. I know I need to take a coloring class.