Monday, April 23, 2007

I can't decide!!!

Help me! I am having the hardest time deciding what set to get from SU! Here's the dilema:
Roses in Winter


Doodle This
Which one do I choose? I'd really like both, but you know...there's this thing called a budget that says I really should only get one set. So...with that in mind. I need to make a decision.

I've long admired Roses in Winter as well as all those great samples in the gallery over at They are all SO great!!! How can I not want that set when I see what so many have done with it??? And then there is Doodle This....super cute set! I also love the gallery samples for this one. The flourishes in it are fun and cute. And the big! I think I might be a bit concerned about it retiring and not making it to the new catty. That shouldn't make a difference to me really, but I have this hope inside of me that I will *somehow* be able to make it as a demo. I've been pretty much making my own minimums since I've started...and that just isn't working any more. Well...that conversation is for another post I guess.


shelley d. said...

Roses in winter hands down! I love this set and use it all the time.
Love your blog!

Stampin' Project Junkie! said...

SOOO EASY!! Doodle this

Trish D said...

I personally would go for Roses in Winter - it's timeless and can be used for everything from birthdays to sympathy cards. Doodle This is fun, but I think it's going to look very dated in a year or two.

DDSS-7 Big Sis said...

You still haven't decided?

Debi said...

Well, now that we know that Roses in Winter will soon be retiring - I'd say "go for it"... get 'em both! Hehe... Happy Stampin!

emilymomto3boys said...

roses in winter, hands down, lol!