Friday, March 2, 2007

It's March!

Can you believe its March already? Wow. Where did February go? I better get on the ball and start thinking of Easter cards...maybe some St. Patty's Day ones too. But as the procrastinator that I am, I think I will wait until my new rubbah comes from SU! I ordered Bunny Hugs from the new spring mini...can't wait to play with it. I fell in love with that set the minute my eyes saw it! And I've been lovin' the cards people have put in the gallery over at SCS. Something about the colors of spring that pick up your spirits...:)
I'm still working on finishing up my lunch tins for the craft show the end of this month. That's right, its the end of the month!!! Aaahhhhh!!!! I just need to add ribbon & embellishments to them and I can call them done! But...I still need to make up some journals, coasters, magnets, color me card kits & cards. I have a BIG to-do list ahead of me. I think there will be some nights spent in this craft room on mine.
On another subject...I got my ribbon organized. Well, at least the ribbon that is on spools. I really like the storage option I chose. I'm hoping to post a pic of it later, so stay tuned! I'm still in need of organizing my cut ribbon...thinking about those nifty Cropper Hopper 3x3 storage drawers with the ribbon cards. What's holding me back is that I'm not sure where to store them....hmm.
Hope you all have a spectacular day filled with blessings!